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Experience history and democracy

The BELvue wants to immerse everyone, in particular young people, in the past, present and future of Belgian society. What is democracy? How does society work? Why is debating with each other important? And how can that be done with respect for other opinions? Our educational team has developed a wide range of products for this purpose.

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Dare to think

We provide educational and interactive activities and materials for schools, families and any other target groups you can think of around justice, art, financial education, diversity and a variety of other topics. The common thread among them is providing food for thought. Our educational offerings always take into account the attainment targets.

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A wide choice

For our educational and interactive activities, we employ a variety of working methods, such as workshops, hands-on exhibitions, and museum visits with or without a guide. Online tools, numerous documents, pedagogical files and lending materials are also options. Need support? Then take our training courses for (future) teachers.

Fun classes for everyone!

Our educational offer is for every pupil and all education levels and types. There is always something inside or outside the classroom to organise.

Venue rental

Looking for a stylish location for your event? Look no further than BELvue! Discover our rooms and options.

Think critical

What power does the monarch really have? How important are Belgian inventions? What do people say about Belgium?

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Plan your visit

On your own or with a whole school? Less mobile? On foot, by metro or by car? We have set out everything for you.
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Did you know?

Like to know more about the history of Belgium and Brussels? Discover our affordable combi ticket for BELvue and the Coudenberg Palace!